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Shervys is the proud brand of Owner Shervon Ifill. Shervon is a water and waste Engineer by profession, public health practitioner and Science Educator. Shervy is a cancer survivor and took a holistic approach to healing and living a healthy lifestyle. She made dietary changes, strengthen her spirituality, change her water (alkaline water) and created her own natural products to attend to her hygiene being sure to eliminate commercial cosmetic products, due to the harmful chemicals found in them. Shervys products have been around since 2018 and is made with your health and well being in mind. Shervy's products are gentle on the skin and hair, as they contain natural ingredients sourced in the Twin island of Trinidad and Tobago. Our soaps are made with locally harvested seamoss, organically grown aloes, certified graded food safe essential oils, and contain no fillers, parabens, artifical colour or animal fat. Our natural deodorants are simple but effective and are safe for children 5 years and older and adults. Other products include seamoss hair conditioner, seamoss body creams, seamoss and rachet shampoo bar, hair oils, floride free toothpaste, hair grease and more. Shervy's brand is centered around the environment and as such use recycable packaging. Life is precious and we all are different with a purpose. So run your race, fulfill your God intended purpose, be positive, give thanks, share your experiences and reach out to others in need. Importantly, remember 'it's your body so treat it naturally!

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